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Just as Molly Doogan began slipping into a deep sleep, a scraping sound forced her to open her tired eyes. She tried to ignore it and pulled the pillow over her head. She needed sleep.


But the noise grew louder.


Molly raised up on one elbow and looked over her friend Netty's snoring body lying next to her. The moonlight streaming in through the maple leaves outside her bedroom window seemed to narrow and focus like a spotlight on her bottom dresser drawer. She squinted through blurry eyes following the drawer slowly moving out by itself-then in- then out-then in. Scrape-scratch.


"Oh, no," Molly groaned. "Not again."


But since the moving drawer was where she hid her arrowhead and bag of pebbles, it could mean only one thing.

Another signal from Rairarubia.


But why?


Didn't she and Netty deserve some rest after what they had been through tonight? They'd already made two trips to Rairarubia and back.


Hadn't they just finished helping Romey and Sam return safely from Aiburariar to Rairarubia? They'd all made it through the land of the Jenu and the Redloubs, helped Tunnelsuit and Bearsark defeat the Zingwings. They'd even helped Romey and Sam destroy Elleb and rescue Kired, the King of Aiburariar. The story should be over.


Yet, every time she thought she was finished with the Rairarubia story, something pulled her back in. What could be wrong now?